Friday, March 8, 2013

A Couple Of Blasts

Recently a prominent figure suggested a home defense methodology that is not only inappropriate, but (in my opinion) extremely dangerous.  It was suggested that during a home invasion, the victim can take a shotgun outside the home and "fire a couple of blasts," which would quickly bring help.

As an NRA Certified Instructor in the discipline of Personal Protection In The Home, I must professionally and strenuously disagree.  What gun is used for self-defense is not at issue here; however, the course of action suggested is the equivalent of shooting your neighbor because your house has been invaded.

Let's analyze.   Part of this has to do with where you live, so we'll do it in two cases.  Or blasts, if you will.

Case 1:  You live in an environment remote enough that firing a few shots outdoors will not hurt anyone.

OK.  That also means no one will likely hear the blasts, and NO ONE will come to your aid as a result.  You will have basically expended ammunition for no good reason.  If you live in an incorporated area, however remote, it is likely illegal to discharge a firearm in that area on private property; thus, you have also committed some level of crime for no reason at all.  If you live in an unincorporated area, you are likely even more remote from neighbors and police stations.  Even if someone does hear you and call the police, response time will be measured in double-digit minutes.  As a result, you now have far less than a 50% chance of getting help in time, because your home invasion will be over before anyone arrives.  Violent home invasions are typically very quick and very violent unless the perpetrators know you are so remote that they have more time.  And, the Police arriving after you are seriously injured or dead does not help you.

By the way...both military personnel and hunters are trained that, in remote areas, an emegency signal is 3 shots or horn blasts, not two.

So - what would I recomend when a home invasion occurs?  Step 1 - Retreat to your safe room (what is that?  Take my class and find out, it's a lengthy explanation).  Step 2 - Arm yourself to protect yourself.  Step 3 - CALL THE POLICE YOURSELF.  Step 4 - Handle the confrontation in an appropriate and legal manner (again, to learn what that is, you can take my class).  Your life and the life of your loved ones should not be gambled with, and that includes the legal and emotional aftermath of such a confrontation.

Case 2:  You live close enough to a sufficient number of other people that it is reasonably certain someone will call the Police if you fire some shots.

OK.  That also means that people are likely within range of your discharged ammunition.  You have a better than 50% chance of hurting your innocent neighbor (drywall, plaster, and wood do not stop most projectiles, including shotgun shot) as a result of criminals entering your home.  Fire two shots, and it's almost certain you'll hurt someone innocent.  If that doesn't seem foolish to you, PLEASE attend a gun buy-back and sell your gun.

By the way...firing into the air means you are activating laws of Physics that have to do with ballistics.  Short version - what goes up must come down (with clost to equal force and velocity).  You WILL hurt someone.  Firing into the ground may be OK - if you don't hit concrete, water, rock, or something else that causes a ricochet.  The results may harm YOU.

What would I recommend?  The same procedure as above in Case 1.

In home defense, a firearm is a tool of last resort, and is considered deadly force - and that carries legal ramifications, implications, and responsibilities.  Unfortunately, not enough people know exactly what those are.  Educate yourself, and be logical and legal in your actions.  And PLEASE don't shoot your neighbors instead of the criminals entering your home.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Object

Has anyone else noticed that EVERYTHING appears to be objectionable these days?  People object to Florida's new logo because it has a tie, claiming it is sexist.   In the last few days, I have seen news articles on people objecting to expressions of faith because it isn't their faith, people objecting to kids blowing out their birthday candles (that's outlawed in Australia now - I'm not kidding) because it spreads germs, and kindergarteners playing imaginary war (apparently imaginary war materials are against school policy).  Let's not forget the bunch that keeps objecting to law-abiding US citizens owning firearms.

Does anyone else think this is REALLY getting out of hand?  I object to you imagining X.  I object to you thinking Y.  I object to you owning Z.  I object to you breathing out.  I object to you eating this or that item.

I can certainly understand everyone having personal likes and dislikes or preferences. In my mind, where it crosses the line is when the objectioner gets into my space or my mind.  That includes my right and need to breathe, by the way.

What I own, think, or imagine is my business.  The Bill of Rights has several guarantees in it which basically say that EVERYONE CAN do and own certain things.  Somehow, and I don't kow exactly why, the Bill of Rights seems to be being re-interpreted to say NO ONE CAN do certain things.  If free speech is OK only if it offends no one - well, if I say the word "naugahyde", someone somewhere will be offended for some reason.  Therefore, I can say nothing. 

From EVERYONE CAN DO to NO ONE CAN DO.  Subtle wording change, huge impact.  I object to that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Illegal Origami

Last year (2012), there were stories about kids being disciplined for symbolism associated with guns.  One child, whose ASL (American Sign Language) name symbol resembled fingers held like a gun, was told to essentially change the name symbol.  Today, it seems, we have reached a new low:

A little girl carries a folded sheet of paper and is called a murderer.  She is  threatened with arrest,  and this by a school authority figure.

Let's look at some facts. 

1.  Can anyone be arrested for carrying a piece of paper folded to resemble the shape of a gun?  Even for an adult, the answer should be no.  For a child, that seems to be the height of ridicule. 
2.  Was the little girl breaking the law?  Are you kidding?
3. Did the little girl deserve the treatment she got?  No way.

The paranoia and vilification of gun owners is reaching new heights.  The manifestations are bordering on mass hysteria.   And, on the backs of this, legislation is being written.  Some interesting parallels in history come to mind:

1. The Salem Witch trials.
2.  The Russian October Revolution.
3.  The burning of the Reichstag.
4.   Kristallnacht.

We look at these as criminal hate acts, and that is exactly what is happening towards gun owners today.  Each of these acts of hatred resulted in legislation that we consider evil.

Allowing such hatred and hysteria to exist in our society is not only endangering our freedoms, but is endangering innocent and lawful members of our society.  Yet the media and some politicians insist on whipping up the frenzy rather than applying calm and reason.

Exactly why this is happening is a mystery.  The fact it is happening is now indisputable.  Keeping in mind what the other acts of hatred listed above led to, this is very scary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Blog?

The first question that comes to mind is why blog.  The reason is actually simple.  In spite of the fact there is a website that explains what American Safety & Defense does, how we do it, and what the basic logistics are, people who look at our website contact us and say they want more detail.
A reasonable request.  During the interaction with most folks, however, it becomes clear that apart from wanting to knw about the background and experience of a specific instructor, they also want to get a feel for who we are, how we think, what our philosphy and, dare I say it, politics are like.  This blog is designed to offer insight into all those things.
Since the issues are complex, and simple answers don't really suffice, I hope a series of blog posts sheds light on the subject. 
To begin with, we are very ardent supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  We also believe in safety and competence as a way to ensure that accidents are minimized, if not eliminated.  As a result, we teach.  We do it because we believe in it. 
All of our instructors are seasoned (over 40).  All have more than two decades of shooting experience, combining recreation, competition, and hunting.  We all love our God, our freedoms, and we all love America. 
In all our classes taught to date, we have not been rated less than 4 out of 5 by any student (5 being the best possibel score).  The people who come to our classes learn and have fun.
Blog posts on this page will not be regular - we're more likely to say something when we have something to say.  So, check back with us - events unfold that are likely to stimulate our desire to comment.